Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Sales Message Solutions

The study of handwriting known as Graphology, has led businesses to reevaluate their traditional marketing activities. Analysis has shown the personal feelings common among friends and family associated with handwritten messages leads to a more favorable response from the public. Developing sales letters, direct mail and informative pieces about a product or service with handwritten copy is the freshest marketing tactic. This prompts the question, why are companies continuing to refer back to impersonal, outdated, and ineffective marketing techniques?

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A core use of graphology is determining a candidate's personality and potential capability to perform a job. Andrea Ratajczak, marketing strategist with PDA Marketing, experienced the use of graphology first-hand when a potential employer tested her handwriting as a portion of the interview process. The employer took instant notice to her creative style and personal looking writing, knowing that it would be a great tool to have in sales. Andrea went on to use her now eponymous handwriting to develop the Andrea Font and inventive line of Doodle-opes' products. The unique attention garnered from personal letters and copy launched what became a unique form of marketing enabling companies to use the benefits of graphology to get their message across.

When someone opens a newsletter or direct mail, they are often bombarded with boring images, plain text and quickly toss it into the trash. A direct mail piece with eye-popping images and distinct text spurs interest and attracts in the reader. With the use of graphology and handwritten messages the attention of potential customers' is captured and then focused on the mailer intriguing them to inquire more about what's inside. Who wants to receive a letter that has no personality or character? A fun, energetic, hand-written piece of copy is the key to a positive response from customers.

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