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6 Tips To help you avoid the Hackers, who acted on the Site or any other Social Networking

The condition is widely used by the Pretender to perform the action. For that, you should take - the heart and on the alert against all forms of fraud that exist on that site.
For example that has happened in the Indonesian singer's wife (the late) Tim Christensen (Damayanti Noor). First, the hacker / cheat hack / break into and use the Account Damayanti Noor, then this account is used to deceive / ask for some money to a friend - a friend Damayanti. Fraudster usually ask the friend - a friend Damayanti to transfer money by reason of his brother suddenly need funds for the Hospital to the hospital.

Well, How can this not happen to you?

Here's 6 Tips To help you avoid the Hackers, who acted on the Site or any other Social Networking:

1. Make sure when you type a website address / URL is correct and please reread the post in the address bar had once again been True or False.
Example: correct writing is not, the writing is right: not etc.

2. Do not always clicking on links that go to your email from an unknown source of the site, you are usually offered for free or join another bidding.
This is very dangerous, you should note the origin of emails that offer them. Are you really familiar with the site? is it true you should confirm with having to click the link in that email? Recheck first telephone as much as possible just make it more secure.

3. Make the password hard to guess the account.
Create a password using a combination of letters and numbers, and also combined with Uppercase (Capital) and Lowercase. Avoid the same password with other accounts, and may periodically change the password once a week or once a month.

4. Avoid General Computers (Internet Cafes, etc.) to enter your account.
Where possible use a personal computer is more secure because all data is entirely up to you. If using a public computer, it is easy to be hijacked or hacked by fraudsters by: space / place dipasangin hidden camera was installed keylogger or computer (software recording keystrokes on the keyboard)

5. If possible Use the Virtual Keyboard while typing in your password.
Virtual Keyboard is more secure because it can not be recorded by a keylogger. All Program > Accessories > Accessibility > On Screen Keyboard." onmouseout="'#fff'">Each computer is now installed program named Virtual Keyboard On Screen Keyboard, located in Start> All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility> On Screen Keyboard.

6. Save Password for your own and do not write the password in an unsafe place.
Do not write the password on paper, at HP, in the wallet, or anywhere that is less secure because it is easy to move a hand to others.

Social Networking Sites is very useful for us especially for our business branding, branding for our products or also just to make friends to chat and mingle.

Well, my message you must remain cautious and vigilant in using social networking sites and other sites. If you have any experience regarding this, please write in the comment, Thanks
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